Sweet and Sour Chicken and Vegetables

This easy sweet and sour chicken and vegetables skillet dish is a snap to make on a busy weeknight. And that is exactly what I did…

I had just finished planting a few vegetables in my garden and I hadn’t planned anything for dinner. With dirt on my clothes and I’m almost certain I had flecks of potting soil in my hair, I was in no shape to go to the grocery store to pick up anything.

Luckily I had just been the farmers market on Tuesday and had some fresh vegetables on hand. No sprouts yet in my own garden. With a few canned products, chicken in the fridge, and some staple pantry items, I was able to create this super quick and healthy dinner.


Chili Lime Black Bean Burgers

I have made this chili lime black bean burgers recipe several times before. Using canned beans makes it super quick and easy, but this time I found some fresh black beans from the farmers market that I wanted to try. I have given measurements and instructions for both canned and dried beans. I made extra black beans and then measured out the amount for the burgers after they were cooked. I love having extra beans in the refrigerator for a quick lunch or snack.

Zesty Orange and Soy Glazed Ribs

The fresh smell of oranges fills the air that can only mean one thing – it’s citrus season! As I walk though the farmer’s market, the stands are overflowing with ripe and juicy oranges. With Super Bowl fast approaching, what could be better during the big game than zesty orange and soy glazed ribs?

Bright and refreshing oranges are paired with asian flavors and spicy heat to elevate these ribs to a new level of deliciousness. Best part – no grill required! These are cooked to fall-off-the-bone perfection with a sticky, caramelized crust completely in the oven. Can’t get much more finger-lickin’ good!


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Low-Carb Substitute for Mashed Potatoes

You can stop craving rich, creamy, and buttery side dishes right now with this low-carb substitute for mashed potatoes. This recipe for cauliflower and white bean mash will satisfy your craving while keeping your waistline in tact.

I have not been completely cutting out carbs from my diet, however, I have been trying not to eat foods high in carbohydrates at night for dinner.


Crunchy Granola

Once you try homemade crunchy granola, you will never want to buy it again. I was spending $5.00 for a two cup bag of granola at a health food store. Completely fed up with this ridiculous price, I had to make best online casino my own. The end result: healthy, simple, quick, money-saving, and crunchy granola!
When making your own granola, you can control how much sugar is added. Also, you can change the ingredients (dried fruit, seeds, nuts, spices etc.) depending on your taste or mood.
I love this granola with a little bit of non-fat vanilla yogurt. I usually add a drizzle of honey to the yogurt first. It is also good with a splash of cold milk. Or take it on the go for healthy and easy snacking.

Chocolate Ganache Tart

This chocolate ganache tart with fresh raspberries is simple, elegant, and oh so chocolatey. It is the perfect dessert to serve for a special occasion where you want chocolate to the the star. Whip up one of these for Valentine’s Day and your stomach will be full of love.

This chocolate tart is made from chocolate crust with a velvety ganache filling. The bright raspberries cut the rich chocolate and add a nice balance to the richness of the tart.


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Goji Berry Salad Dressing

What is a goji berry? And how do you make goji berry salad dressing?