Quick Tomato Sauce

So, I have officially been through my first hurricane – and it was a doozy! Hurricane Sandy, or Frankenstorm, as I like to refer to it, has shut down NYC and most of the East Coast for that matter! I have been huddled in my apartment listening to the swirling wind and rain splattering against […]

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Soba Noodle Salad with Miso Dressing

We are in the middle of summer and it seems like a heat wave has swept across the country. I was watching the weather on the news the other day and pretty much the whole country was red- meaning hot, very hot! Even here on the California coast, the fog clears early and it warms up by mid-morning.

When it is hot, I never want to eat a heavy meal. I made this salad the other day and it was so light, cool, and refreshing. Flavorful umami dressing is tossed with delicate soba noodles and crunchy vegetables.


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Santa Barbara Spot Prawns

What is the difference between a prawn and a shrimp? This is the question many people ask me when I tell them about spot prawns. The terms prawn and shrimp are generally interchangeable. There are some differences in body structure, but to a non-crustacean connoisseur, they look pretty much the same. A spot prawn is the largest out of 7 types of shrimp species harvested along the west coast of the US and Canada. One particular harvesting destination for spot prawns is the Santa Barbara channel. That is why these are Santa Barbara Spot Prawns!

Spot prawns are known for their sweet and firm texture. I paired the prawns with a lightly flavored lemon butter linguine. I wanted the dish to focus on the delicate flavor of the spot prawns and not be overpowered by a heavy sauce.


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