Sweet and Sour Chicken and Vegetables

I had just finished planting a few veggies in my garden, which I will be posting about soon, when I heard a grumbling noise coming from my stomach. I hadn’t planned anything for dinner and with dirt on my clothes and I’m almost certain I had flecks of potting soil in my hair, I was in no shape to go to the grocery store to pick up anything.

Luckily I had just been the farmers market on Tuesday and had some fresh vegetables on hand. With a few canned products, chicken in the fridge, and some staple pantry items, I was able to create this super quick and healthy dinner. I actually went back for seconds! It was that good! I am almost tempted to change my blog name to “The Kitchen MacGyver,” but I will resist the urge!


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Chili Lime Black Bean Burgers and a Photo Experiment

Recently returned back from Food Blog Forum at Walt Disney World. At the conference, we had an informative lecture from professional food photographers Diane Cu and Todd Porter. In their discussion, they talked about how the angle of the light source can affect the tone and mood of the photo.


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Chicken and White Bean Chili Verde

A few mornings ago, I woke up and the ocean fog had rolled in overnight and cast a thick gray layer over my little California beach town. I was thrilled that it was somewhat cold!

I normally calculate how mild or severe the winter has been by how many times I have put on my heavy coat. After my very scientific calculation, I concluded that I had not put it on once this year, not once!

So, as you can imagine, I was all set for a cold day where I could snuggle up with a blanket and some warm soup. By noon, the fog had burned off and it was sunny and warm. This setback, however, did not interrupt my plans. I still made this chili!


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Asian Lettuce Wraps

Recently, I have been cutting out carbs for dinner and instead eating mostly protein and vegetables. Eating most of my daily carbohydrate intake for breakfast and lunch, I feel like I have more energy throughout the day. After dinner, I also have more energy because I don’t have a carb heavy meal weighing me down and making me sluggish.


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Salt Roasting – A Must Try!

Who knew?! The easiest cooking technique could deliver the most flavor! After the first bite of a perfectly seasoned and moist piece of salmon, I thought why don’t we salt roast everything! So, my salt roasting binge began…

Potatoes were next! I added some rosemary sprigs and the whole house was perfumed with the aromatic fragrance! The potatoes were buttery and tender with perfectly crisp skin.

You may think that salt roasting would result in extremely salty food, right? It is quite the opposite. The salt draws moisture out of the food it surrounds without actually penetrating into the food. It also acts as an insulator to trap the heat, which results in food that tastes simply like itself in the best possible way. Salt roasting creates delicately flavored, simple, honest food!

The best part (besides the food of course) no expensive cooking equipment or hours slaving away by the stove! Cast iron pan, salt, food, oven – and done!


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Arugula Pesto Pizza

Homemade pizza is one of my favorite things to make. It is an interactive and fun way to cook dinner with friends and family. Making pizza dough from scratch is nothing to be apprehensive or get discouraged about. It’s quite simple to use active dry yeast and only takes 30 minutes to rise. Plus, homemade anything always tastes better!

For this recipe, I wanted to mix things up a bit and use pesto instead of traditional red sauce. Since basil is not in season, I opted to for a winter pesto that uses peppery arugula. Mozzarella cheese, asiago cheese, and thinly sliced prosciutto are the toppings for this whole wheat crusted pizza.


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Zesty Orange and Soy Glazed Ribs

The fresh smell of oranges fills the air that can only mean one thing – it’s citrus season! As I walk though the farmer’s market, the stands are overflowing with ripe and juicy oranges. With Super Bowl fast approaching, what could be better during the big game than zesty orange and soy glazed ribs?

Bright and refreshing oranges are paired with asian flavors and spicy heat to elevate these ribs to a new level of deliciousness. Best part – no grill required! These are cooked to fall-off-the-bone perfection with a sticky, caramelized crust completely in the oven. Can’t get much more finger-lickin’ good!


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