Soft Salted Caramels


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The Best Apple Pie


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Blueberry Lavender Tart with Unshrinkable Sweet Tart Shell

I have to admit, I was not the biggest fan of lavender flavored food. I love candles, oil, and bath salts that perfume the air with the calming lavender scent, but to eat? I always thought lavender made dishes taste soapy and bitter. This blueberry lavender tart with unshrinkable sweet tart shell completely changed my outlook on cooking and baking with lavender. The taste was light, refreshing, and paired well with the blueberries.


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Coconut Cookies

When I was young, I never liked coconut. I’m not sure what it was – the taste, the texture, or a combination of both. It was not until a few years ago that I actually started eating coconut and now I absolutely love it. It’s a great flavor for savory dishes, but I like it best in sweet desserts, like these coconut cookies.

These soft and chewy cookies have shredded coconut in the batter to add a hint of tropical flare.


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Apple and Blueberry Crumble

This apple and blueberry crumble was exactly what I was looking for…

Since the beginning of June, I have cut out all refined sugars from my diet. Except for the coconut cookie the other day, but that doesn’t count because somebody made them and I had to be nice and eat one. Ok, so since the beginning of June, I have tried very hard to cut out all refined sugars from my diet.

Anyways, I have been playing around with recipes that use sugar substitutes. Dessert is my favorite meal and if I was going to give up sugar, there was no way that I was giving up dessert. I had to find something to satisfy my sweet tooth.

I looked through my cookbook selection and came across Alicia Silverstone’s cookbook, The Kind Diet. Not only is it vegan, but it does not use processed foods or refined sugars in any of the recipes.


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Espresso Biscotti

These espresso biscotti cookies with chocolate chips and almonds are the ideal afternoon pick-me-up when dipped in dark-roasted coffee or black tea.


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Earl Grey Tea Infused Chocolate Ice Cream

After making three batches of Italian buttercream last week, I had quite a few egg yolks left over. With cream and milk also in my refrigerator, homemade ice cream was the obvious choice, and Earl Grey Tea infused chocolate ice cream seemed to be the perfect idea.

For three months, I was in charge of making desserts for the restaurant at culinary school. I made banana ice cream and cherry ice cream every week. After this experience, I never wanted to make it again! With all the ingredients perfectly lined up, I took it as a sign and felt like I had to once again return to my role as ice cream maker.

I start by making a simple ice cream base (milk, cream, and sugar), then add coco powder and infuse the mixture with Earl Grey tea. The tea adds a light and refreshing citrus flavor that brings out the chocolate.


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