5-Minute Watermelon Cooler

I posted this on Instagram last week and have been surprised by its popularity. The color is entrancing and the taste is like pure summer. Can summer have a flavor? If so—this Watermelon Cooler is it.

Picking out a good watermelon is like hoping you get the gooey caramel-filled truffle in a box of chocolates. They all look the same. And sometimes you end up with the marzipan filling.

And that was the case with this watermelon. It wasn’t sweet and juicy, but a bit mealy. Turns out, that is the best kind of watermelon for juicing.


Creamy Green Smoothie

After a fun vacation, this Creamy Green Smoothie was just the thing that I was craving.


Brain Boosting Smoothie {Blueberry, Almond and Banana}

Happy Monday—anyone need some brain boosting smoothie power to start the week?


Red and White Sangria


New Years Detox Smoothie


Watermelon Margaritas

These refreshing watermelon margaritas are lightly sweetened with watermelon and a little agave syrup. The store-bought margarita mixes have so much added sugar. It’s better to skip those and make your own margaritas.

I tried making the famous Skinny Girl Margarita the other day and whoa is it boozy. Two of those and I would be probably be up on a table doing something I would regret the next day. It’s just tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur. I think I like a little something fruity mixed in with my tequila – and fresh watermelon juice is definitely the way to go.


Grapefruit and Basil Martini

It is the official first day of Summer! Bring on the barbecues, trips to the beach, and flip-flops! This celebration calls for a bright and summery cocktail like this grapefruit and basil martini.

This weekend I will be dancing in the Summer Solstice Parade. I signed up for a zumba dance class about a month ago and we started leaning an African dance that we will perform in the parade. We dance along with a band of drummers and horns. It is tons of fun and good exercise too.