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Lemon Basil Ginger Iced Tea

Whenever I am entertaining, I like to serve lightly flavored water spa water. Usually, I will add cucumbers and citrus to a pitcher of water and let the flavors meld together for a few hours. It adds something special and unique without a lot of extra work. This lemon basil ginger iced best online casino tea was perfect.
Last week, I wanted to do something a little different and decided to make an iced tea. One of my favorite winter teas is lemon and ginger steeped in hot water with a touch of honey. For the iced tea, I added some fresh summer lemon basil, but standard basil can be used instead. Although it is an iced tea, it still has the light and delicate flavor of spa water. The lemon, basil, and ginger flavors are cleansing and refreshing.

Quinoa Oat and Flaxseed Porridge

It seems like there is never enough time to prepare a healthy and nutritious breakfast in the morning. I know I am guilty of eating a granola bar on-the-go or just adding extra creamer to my coffee and calling that breakfast. Those days are gone because this quinoa oat and flaxseed porridge can be made ahead of time and is packed full of protein, fiber, and omega 3’s. No excuses anymore!


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Strawberry Mint Mojitos

It’s Wednesday and time for another cocktail recipe. I usually stay in the kitchen and pass the bartending duties off to someone else, but recently I have traded in my wooden spoon for a cocktail stirrer. And the latest drink I’ve made are these strawberry mint mojitos.

We have been having some amazing and warm weather here on the West Coast. To celebrate the summer-like temperatures, I made fresh strawberry and mint mojitos. They are so refreshing and cool, perfect for a hot summer evening outside.


Punjabi Chicken Curry

One of my favorite things about food is exploring different cuisines from other cultures and areas of the world. I recently took an Indian cooking class from Aparna Khanolkar, The Mistress of Spice. I have always been a fan of Indian food, but I have never attempted to make it before. I always thought there too many spices and ingredients involved. I never felt up for the challenge, until now! Aparna’s recipe for Punjabi chicken curry takes a little time and patience to wait for the ingredients to cook and build flavor, but it is well worth the wait. Plus, it is simple to prepare and the ingredient list is short.

Aparna teaches the Ayurvedic lifestyle, which is an ancient science of health and medicine originating in India. It is the idea of maintaining balance in the human body, both physically and spiritually. Aparna translates her beliefs into her cooking and treats food as medicine. She stresses the importance of maintaining balance in the foods we eat by using the proper spices.


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How to Cook Fresh Peas

It’s pea season! And I’m here to show you how to cook fresh peas!

My local farmers market has been packed full of fresh shelling peas. Seeing the peas reminded me of a dish I had at a restaurant in Barcelona. It was a pea purée soup garnished with a few fresh peas. I loved the slightly crunchy texture of the fresh peas. It left the soup bursting with fresh pea flavor.

Although I would love to try to replicate the soup, it was the pea flavor that I was missing most. I opted for a much less labor intensive dish: steamed peas finished with butter, salt, and pepper. Simple and fresh ingredients make the best tasting kind of food. This vegetable dish celebrates the pure flavor of the pea.

The most time consuming part is shelling the peas. I recommend sitting outside with a glass of wine! This makes the monotonous task quite relaxing.


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Blood Orange and Gin Cocktail

Happy Wednesday! Here is a blood orange and gin cocktail to brighten up your hump day!

I met some friends the other day for happy hour at one of my favorite cocktail spots in town. They make these amazing drinks using freshly squeezed citrus. The restaurant is owned by Suzanne Goin so it’s no surprise that they have great recipes and food! My friend I went to culinary school with is also a chef there so it is always fun to go sit at the bar, have a great cocktail, and chat! They have an open kitchen so you can see what’s cooking.


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Holiday in Spain

Hola! For the past two weeks I have been traveling though Northern Spain and Southern France! My friend and I rented a car and drove through the Spanish and French countryside with stops in some amazing cities and small villages.

Our journey began in Madrid, then we were off to San Sebastian with day trips to Bilbao and little fishing villages along the coast. We then drove up to France to visit Biarritz and Toulouse. We drove through Perpignan on our way to Barcelona where we spent 4 days. We then drove back to Madrid with a stop in a small town called Alcañiz where we stayed in a 14th century Parador (castle).

Above is a small fishing town near San Sebastian, Spain. Below I am helping myself to some pinchos (tapas) at local bar in San Sebastian. The food was so incredible!


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