With spring in full bloom, yesterday was opening day for the farmers market here in Boston.

farmers market

There are several farmers markets around town that begin to open in May and run until November. Unlike my California farmers markets (I miss you so much), the markets here don”t stay open year round. So, it is super exciting when the green season begins and I can pick up some fresh, local produce.

If you are a farmers market novice, sometimes the crowds and choices can be overwhelming. I”ve made a quick guide with some tips and my best farmers market shopping advice.

market basket

Here are some of my tips for how to shop at farmers markets:

  • Go Early and Don”t Rush

Depending on which day your market is, I love to get there early before the crowds start. Saturday or Sunday mornings are always good. Most farmers markets have a section for fresh baked goods, so it”s nice to do your shopping and grab some breakfast too. Go when you have some time to browse from stall to stall and really do some digging around (literally). Think of it as more of an event or outing rather than grocery shopping.

  • Try Something New

The farmers market is full of interesting produce that you”ve never seen or tried before. The first time I saw kohlrabi was at a market in California. It is a purple turnip cabbage sort of vegetable, but is super tasty and healthy. Be adventurous online casino and pick up something you”ve never seen or heard of before. You may love it!

  • Ask Questions and Get to Know the Farmers

I”ve always been sort of a shy person, but I”ve come to find that if you don”t ask questions and talk to people you are missing out! If you pick up a new vegetable, ask the farmer how to cook it or what to do with it. Make friends with the farmers because they always know what fruit or vegetable is tasting super good that day.

  • Come Prepared with Cash and Tote Bags

Generally, cash is the way to go at farmers markets. Sometimes they have booths where you can exchange money for tokens, but cash is always a safe bet. And bring small bills because it”s easier to handle. Also, most farmers will give you a plastic bag, but by the time you go to several stalls, you have about 5 or 6 different plastic bags. Bring large tote bags and be kind to the environment too!

  • Clean and Prep ASAP

How many times have you bought something fresh and it sat in your refrigerator all week? I know I am guilty of this too. The best advice is to wash, clean, and prep vegetables right when you get home. This way when you are busy after work or when you want to throw together dinner, all the hard work is done. And for healthy snacking, what I find is that if carrots or vegetables are already cut, I”m more likely to snack on those rather than chips or crackers.

I hope you venture to one of your farmers markets this week or weekend. Have fun, explore, and get some delicious, fresh goodies.

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