If you’re like me, drinking enough water throughout the day can be a struggle/hassle/annoyance. Sound familiar?

5 Ways how to drink more water

Water is the most natural thing we can drink—and our bodies crave it. So why is it so hard? Water is essential for every process in our bodies. If we don’t have enough water, our bodies run less efficiently. Meaning our metabolism, digestion, and other vital processes are not working properly. This is reason enough to drink up!

I always catch myself in the middle of the afternoon and realize that I’ve barely had a few sips (besides coffee and tea). Lately, I’ve been trying out some new ideas for how to drink more water and they have been helping me stay hydrated. Hope they help you too!

5 Ways how to drink more water

  1. Since the weather has been so cold, I’ve been having warm lemon water. Just heat water, as you would for tea, add a good squeeze of lemon and enjoy. It’s really soothing and fresh.
  2. I also dress up my water, but not with artificial sweeteners or dyes. I add some lemon, cucumber, or mint. Massage the mint a bit before adding it to release the oils for extra minty flavor.
  3. This one always works for me—buy a cute water bottle. I can’t even tell you how silly this sounds. But if it’s cute, you’ll want it around and you will use it more.
  4. Water comes in the form of fruits and vegetables too. Make sure to eat watery foods like tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, strawberries, celery, citrus, and more.
  5. If you are like me, then you enjoy a glass of wine at night while cooking or with dinner. After a glass, make sure to drink a glass of water. Alcohol can dehydrate you, so make sure to freshen up after each drink.

There is no golden rule for how much water each person should drink each day. A lot of factors are involved like size/weight, activity level, and climate. Just make sure that if you are thirsty, you are drinking.

These tips will help you be healthier, happier, and one tall glass of water.

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