New Years Detox Smoothie

Happy New Year! 2012 brought many changes to my life and I can only hope that 2013 will be as fun and exciting!

I thought about how I spent New Years Eve for 2012 and the three amazing girls that I spent it with. One year later and we are in such different places. One girl is married, one is spending this New Years with her new boyfriend (p.s. I introduced them), another girl got her dream job in environmental engineering, and then there is me…I’m moved to NYC! We have come a long way from cheap champagne and Chex Mix in the hotel room!

That’s us celebrating 2012!

So, if you are like me and will probably have a little too much champagne, this detox smoothie will give you an energy boost for New Years Day activities.

Have a happy and safe New Years!

Detox Green Smoothie

Recipe adapted from Super Foods by Lee Holmes


(Ingredients are measured loosely to taste; use whatever greens you have on hand like kale, chard, or lettuce leaves)

  • 1 handful spinach
  • 1 handful mint
  • 1 handful parsley
  • juice of half a lemon
  • 1/2 a cucumber, peeled
  • 1 large celery stalk
  • 1 inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled


  1. Blend all ingredients together in a juicer or blender until smooth. Serve over ice.

Makes 1 Smoothie

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32 Responses to New Years Detox Smoothie

  1. Elaine says:

    Happy 2013 New Year Emilty! You’re living the life. Enjoy!!

  2. Oh Yeah! This is my kinda smoothie. Off to make this now.

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  4. Happy new year! This smoothie is definitely a lovely way to celebrate. The color is so vibrant, and I’m sure the taste is even better. I can’t wait to try it!

  5. afracooking says:

    Happy New Year! I have not had a green smoothie since summer! But this recipe has inspired me to make a healthy start to the year! thank you!

  6. apronstringsblog says:

    Best to you in NYC in 2013. Thanks for an inspiring year of recipes!

  7. Congrats on the move! I think one of my favorite traditions of New Year’s Eve is looking back at all the accomplishments and joys the past year held.

    We’re celebrating a return to sane eating on the Shine Supper Club this month, and this recipe would be a lovely contribution. I hope you’ll join us!

  8. designarian says:

    Love the amazing green and super healthy color of this smoothie. Although I am not a great fan of parsley but I am definitely going to try it for the experience.

  9. mary lou says:

    I will try it tomorrow.

  10. Lee Kennedy says:

    Made one with rocket instead of spinach (sold out). Very nice but I think it could be much improved with a few dashes of Tabasco, thanks for the recipe

  11. Awesome green detox smoothie! Thank you for sharing.

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  15. Jo Asia says:

    I love it! thanks for sharing x

  16. Hey, love!! For some reason I stopped getting emails from your blog :( But I LOVE this post. That picture is ridiculous! And I agree, we *have* come a long way since cheap champagne and chex mix. Hope NYC is treating you well. Much love, <3 buddrball

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