Hola! For the past two weeks I have been traveling though Northern Spain and Southern France! My friend and I rented a car and drove through the Spanish and French countryside with stops in some amazing cities and small villages.

Our journey began in Madrid, then we were off to San Sebastian with day trips to Bilbao and little fishing villages along the coast. We then drove up to France to visit Biarritz and Toulouse. We drove through Perpignan on our way to Barcelona where we spent 4 days. We then drove back to Madrid with a stop in a small town called Alcañiz where we stayed in a 14th century Parador (castle).

Above is a small fishing town near San Sebastian, Spain. Below I am helping myself to some pinchos (tapas) at local bar in San Sebastian. The food was so incredible!

There were tons of little bakeries with all sorts of different pastries. A typical breakfast would be a sweet roll with café con leche (coffee with milk). Their coffee was always espresso. It took me about 3 days back here in the US before I ordered an espresso machine. It should be here today, thank goodness! Drip coffee just doesn’t compare!

Above is a selection of seafood from the Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid. This market was so much fun! It was kind of touristy, but it had a great selection of food, wines, cava (spanish sparkling wine), and desserts. This market is definitely worth a visit for anyone interested in food.

For the first two days in San Sebastian it rained, however, our last day there the sun came out! It was just beautiful!

Above, I am enjoying some ibérico jamón at a tapas bar. Below I am strolling through the rainy harbor in San Sebastian.

More ibérico jamón from the Mercado. There was so much ham everywhere in Spain. They even sold full legs like these in gas stations along the highway.

We drove by some sheep grazing in the pastures on our way through the countryside. Below is the town of Alcañiz just before sunset.

I had such an amazing trip! I love experiencing different cultures and trying new foods.

Now that vacation is over, it’s time to get back into the kitchen and start creating some new recipes!