Where I’ve Been…

I just returned from a magical trip to the Food Blog Forum at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I met so many amazing other food bloggers, whom I am so thrilled to now call friends!

The picture above captures the explosive excitement of the weekend. It was taken by Diane Cu from WhiteonRice.com at the Disney’s Epcot fireworks show Saturday night. That’s me on the left gazing up and admiring the show.

We arrived on Saturday for lectures and discussions at the Epcot conference room. Some of the speakers included Jaden and Scott Hair, David Leite, Dawn Viola, and Diane Cu and Todd Porter.

Disney provided all the catering for the event and they did an exceptional job pleasing all the picky food bloggers. For lunch there were small plates from each of the Epcot restaurants with chef demonstrations. The desserts were outstanding – creme brûlée, warm chocolate espresso shots, mini raspberry cheesecakes, and small chocolate cakes with gold leaf accents. Oops! I just realized I forgot to take pictures of the food! I think I was too overwhelmed and busy eating! ;)

It was truly an inspirational and motivational experience. I am so grateful that I was able to attend. Thank you to all the organizers, speakers, and sponsors. I have returned with so many ideas and ways to improve Sage Recipes. Stay tuned!

And of course, I came home to Rosie!

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9 Responses to Where I’ve Been…

  1. priscilla says:

    Rosie is too cute!

  2. Ricky L says:

    awesome meeting you even though it was ever so brief

  3. Rosie is cuteness overload!!

    So glad we got to spend quality time together :)

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  5. Elaine says:

    Did you get to go on any of the rides at Epcot? I’ve eaten at most all of the world restaurants at Epcot. I liked the French restaurant and the Norway buffet the best. Did you have a chance to try any of the restaurants?

    • Sage Recipes says:

      Hi! Yes, I went all around Epcot and went on a few rides. We went on the world ride in the giant ball and the Finding Nemo ride. Also, the Lands ride, which is a tour of the gardens. I ate at a few restaurants, the bakery in France was my favorite!

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